Our Story


In Senegal, basket weaving is a tradition that has been passed down for generations to women in rural villages to generate extra income. As two sisters who have travelled there since we were newborns, we have always been inspired by these artisans and their craft. Seeing them at the market, weaving away with their children beside them underneath a baobab, there is a unique sense of community in their dedication and joy.


La Basketry was founded to share their traditional craft with the world and generate regular employment for their weavers. We're bringing colour and individuality into contemporary houses and allowing our artisans to provide their families with food, shelter, education and healthcare – leading to a better life. Most importantly, we want to grow the network of artisans we are humbled to work with and provide more job opportunities for women in rural areas of Senegal.



As teenagers growing up in Paris, these baskets allowed us to express our individuality, and as young women, they added personality and style to our rented properties. We used them for everything from make up to laundry.

It wasn’t long before friends started to comment on how beautiful and useful they were, and as two sisters we began brainstorming a way to give these artisans a bigger platform to sell their product, and so La Basketry was formed.

Tabara + Mamy, Founders

La Basketry is about being at the heart of your home, and doing good. It’s woven into our DNA!