Turning Senegal's rubbish into haute couture

Although the Senegalese government banned the production and use of plastic bags last year, these beautiful photos taken around the country in 2014 are still very relevant three years later... 

Photographer Fabrice Monteiro and the Ecofund Organisation collaborated on a series of photographs called ‘The Prophecy’ to visually represent the urgent ecological issues around the world. 

Monteiro said at the time “in Senegal, you would see trees with no green on them, but only black plastic bags floating in the air. You would pass a village, and there would be a big dumpsite at the entrance of the village, and a big dumpsite at the exit of the village.

With the idea of mixing art and culture, rubbish is turned into ‘haute couture’ and shot in polluted surroundings in 10 locations around the country. 

The project took 2 years to come alive and the result is just BEAUTIFUL. 

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