5 NEW pieces guaranteed to turn 2020 around, whatever your style

la basketry handwoven basket style serving tray in black and white monochrome

As the nights draw in and we enter the final stretch of 2020, I'm determined more than ever to finish this rather strange, unforgettable year on a high.

If this time of year makes me think of one word, it's: cosy

Chilly evenings wrapped in soft wool blankets, mulled drinks wafting their cinnamon scents through the air and twinkling lights in every direction. 

To me, cosiness is enchanting. It's warming and comforting, and the perfect excuse to bring new decor additions into the home.

I'm always looking to expand our range of basket storage, gifts and home craft DIY kits here at La Basketry, but, due to this uncertain year, I've been unable to bring out the capsule collection I wanted to until now.

For the past 4 years, I have been collaborating with the same group of artisans in Senegal and I'm super excited to unveil FIVE new items, just in time for gifting season!

How will you make this year better? Whatever your personality type, you'll find something here:

The decorator: The Woven Vase

la basketry handwoven basket style woven vase in white and pink on a desk with stationery

Handmade with dried grasses and coloured strings, this hourglass-shaped Woven Vase will bring a subtle pop of colour to any space.

It's versatile too, a great fit for utensils in the kitchen, for stationery in the (home) office, or as a beautiful addition to your bar or table centrepiece.

Top tip: fill with bunches of eucalyptus and holly for a festive feel!

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The early present shopper: The Mini Basket

la basketry handwoven basket style mini basket in white with cactus plants on a shelf

Rejoice! The Mini Basket has arrived. You fell in love with our best-selling Mini Basket Kit, and now, you can skip straight to the finished product.

Available in three gorgeous colours, this miniature storage basket will make the perfect stocking filler or gift for a loved one, great to store bits and bobs or pot a small plant.

And, if you want to say you made it, we won't tell if you don't.

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The one avoiding the winter sniffles: The Tissue Box Cover

la basketry handwoven basket style tissue box in white

It may be somewhat inevitable that with the shift in weather comes sniffles. Be prepared in style with our brand new Tissue Box Cover, because who said a cold can't look stylish?!

Designed to fit a standard tissue box, this handmade delight is available in 3 colours. You'll be glad to leave it out all year. 

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"Let's just stay in bed for 10 more minutes?": The Serving Tray

la basketry handwoven basket style serving tray in black and white monochrome

I get it. It's colder, darker, and bed just feels all the more snuggly-er, right? Make breakfast in bed even better with our monochrome Serving Tray named Safi.

And when you finally peel yourself out of the covers? Safi works beautifully as a display tray on a dining or coffee table, too.

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The one vowing to get more organised: The Trinket Dish

la basketry handwoven basket style trinket dish in white

Every year I tell myself I'll get a little more organised, and for the most part, I manage. Thankfully, this practical Trinket Dish makes keeping those little bits and bobs together simple and stylish, so I don't have to spend half an hour looking under the sofa. 

With a choice of black or white, your precious jewellery, wandering hair pins and anything else will be right where you left them, sitting pretty.

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I hope you love this capsule collection as much as I do. Which personality are you? Come and tell me over on Instagram!