A Galentine's Day treat and extra special workshop

Are you missing your girlfriends? Us too.

We’re all about the power of female friendship here at La Basketry. So this Galentine’s Day, we want you to be able to celebrate yours in a unique and impactful way.

To embrace our love for both friendship and craft, we've just launched a limited edition Twine Basket Kit, complete with charming heart motif and something extra special.

For every kit sold, we’ll be donating a percentage of the profits to Bloody Good Period, a charity working to end period poverty across the UK, as well as giving you an exclusive invitation to an evening of craft, community and conversation.

Pink basket with a red heart for Galentines Day la basketry

What’s Galentine’s Day?

You may be familiar with its big sister Valentine, but Galentine’s is a unique holiday to celebrate the female friendships in your life.

Coined by fictional Deputy Director Leslie Knope in the hit Netflix series Parks and Recreation, it’s become a permanent fixture on calendars the world over, as women band together in tribute of their love and friendship.

“Ladies celebrating ladies.” as Leslie says.

And we’re all for that here at La Basketry! As a female run business with a mighty 96% female customer base, we think this is a perfect day to take some quality time out with your gal pals and get crafty.

Introducing Bloody Good Period and its founder, Gabby Edlin

La Basketry limited edition twine basket kit for Galentines day Gabby Edlin founder of Bloody Good Period

Us women can go thorough a lot in our lifetime, and we all know how impactful it can be in our day to day lives if we get caught short during our time of the month. Can you imagine not having access to the toiletries you need?

That’s where Bloody Good Period come in, as shockingly, their 2019 report showed “that asylum-seeking women in the UK are prevented from accessing vital period products.”

After volunteering at the New London Synagogue to find that asylum seekers were only given menstrual products “in emergencies”, Gabby Edlin decided something needed to be done. Starting with “a whip around for donations of pads or tampons on Facebook”, the project grew into the full-time operation it is today.

Named as Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 Top Changemakers and Stylist’s Woman of the Week, Gabby and her team of volunteers now collect and distribute toiletries and period supplies to asylum seekers and anyone who can’t afford them throughout 100 different centres in London and the wider UK.

They are working hard to end period poverty, and have created an incredible brand in order to do so. It’s clear that Gabby’s background of feminism and comedy — through a Masters from Central Saint Martins, no less — shines through in Bloody Good Period’s messaging, and we’re honoured to be able to show our support with this Limited Edition Kit.

A Limited Edition Galentine’s Day craft kit

la basketry twine basket kit pink basket with a red heart

With our Twine Basket Kit proving to be a favourite among our collections, we’ve taken this crafty home-DIY and weaved a little (more) love into it.

Available in two colour ways, pink/red and black/white, this kit may be small, but it’s got some bloody good surprises woven in!

For each kit sold, 10% of the profit will go directly to support Gabby and the Bloody Good Period team in the fight to end period poverty, and support in the distribution of menstrual products to everyone that needs them.

Plus, when you purchase a kit, you’ll be invited to join us in a special evening of craft and celebration.

A bloody good workshop with Tabara and Gabby

La Basketry limited edition twine basket kit for Galentines day Gabby Edlin founder of Bloody Good Period

Our founder, Tabara, will guide you through the process of weaving your twine basket in a group weave-along session.

The virtual workshop will take place on Friday 12th February from 6-7.30pm, on the eve of Galentine’s, so grab your tipple of choice and join us!

And just in case you thought that was all, we’ll be joined on the night by Gabby herself, to talk all things friendship and the power of coming together for positive change.

Will you join us?

Shop your kit here but be quick, the spaces are limited!

Purchasing a kit will not only give you a new craft project to get stuck into, but will become a symbol of support for all of us ladies.

So tell your gals, get yourself a kit and join us. We can’t wait to see you and your baskets!