February Instagram Takeover

Over the weekend, I invited one of my favourite instagrammers Cecile @_ccil_ to take over La Basketry feed and share her favourite places and secret spots in Senegal.
Missed it? Head to Instagram or scroll down for some serious wanderlust. 
1. Gorée or Île de Gorée
goree island
Cecile says: "Gorée is a short boat ride from Dakar. You will love all the beautiful pastel-coloured houses all across the island.
The highlight is 'La Maison des Esclaves' or House of Slaves - the final exit point for many slaves from Africa being brought to the Americas." 
2. Le marché de brousse de Sandiara
african market sandiara senegal
"Le marché de Sandiara / Sandiara market where you can buy pretty much everything including clothing, fruits and a cow." 
3. Lompoul Desert 
senegal desert lompoul
Cecile says: "Lompoul Desert at the south of Saint-Louis is not-to-be missed.  
Is there anything more beautiful than sand dunes and peaceful than the desert."
4.  Saint-Louis 
senegal saint louis colours
"Saint-Louis is one of my favourite cities with the colonial architecture and its peaceful vibe.
It is best to visit the city on a 'caleche' / a horse-drawn cart." 
senegalese woman iwol
Cecile says: "Senegalese women are always so chic and well-dressed. I love the style of Bedik women in the south of the country and their beautiful and colourful accessories."
6. Dindefelo Falls 
senegal dindefelo waterfalls
"My last destination is Dindefelo Waterfalls in the south of Senegal.
The falls are about 100 meters high and it's a great spot for swimming or a bit of relaxation." says Cecile.