#DenimKind: The campaign for sustainable denim

 #DenimKind - Behind the Jeans

A favourite outfit essential, denim has been a longstanding staple in our wardrobes for decades. But do you ever wonder what goes in to making our jeans and jackets?

As it turns out, producing denim can be pretty damaging to our environment. With huge amounts of water being used, pollution from dyes and excess dust being added to our water system to 'distress' our jeans with pumice stones.

So, we're thrilled to announce that our founder, Tabara, is part of the new Denim Kind campaign for sustainable denim from Thought Clothing, who are working hard to show that denim can not only be great for your style, but great for the planet, too.

la basketry for denim kind thought clothing - a stack of jeans in different coloured denim

Sustainability is so important to us here at La Basketry, and the work that Thought Clothing is doing behind the scenes is inspiring to say the least. 

"Unlike standard denim production, the creation of these products is sustainable from top to toe; and every touch point along the way is explored to ensure a high standard of ethical production is met." Thought Clothing

denim jeans being measured as part of the denim kind campaign for thought clothing la basketry

As part of their exciting (and important!) new launch, Thought Clothing are committing to more sustainable production methods. How?

Reducing their water usage:

By using "rainforest technology and a rainwater collection system" to ensure that their denim uses 68% less water than standard production, meaning one pair uses just 8 litres of water.

Using GOTS certified organic cotton:

To eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, which would typically end up back in our water systems, too. Did you know that the standard production of cotton uses horrible pesticides and herbicides?!

Saving energy:

Using laser, rainforest and ozone technology, they're able to reduce the number of steps it takes to produce their denim. Sounds pretty fancy, right?! They're all clever ways to reduce the need for heating the denim in various stages of production.

Avoiding sand-blasting:

Remember that dust we mentioned? It's caused by using sand and pumice stones to blast the denim, giving it its distressed look. This means harmful silica and dust particles enter the air and water. So, Thought Clothing have developed an eco-stone to drastically reduce this issue. Plus, it's endlessly recyclable!

ThoughtClothing-Tabara-SustainableDenimJacketPhoto credit @Stefan Sieler

Check out more information on their amazing campaign here. And let us know what you think of Tabara's outfit over on Instagram!

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