My basket-tree and other creative Christmas tree alternatives

I love getting crafty at Christmas, especially when it comes to decorating my home.

The traditions of blasting festive music while putting up the decorations, stringing the lights and wrapping gifts fills me with so much joy and over the years, I've enjoyed getting creative with my Christmas tree in particular.

Basket-tree alternative christmas tree ideas from la basketry

So what's this year's tree like? It's a (La) basket-tree, of course! As you may have spotted in The Telegraph earlier this month, I used my extensive collection of baskets to create a wall mounted Christmas tree, filled with trinkets and hanging decorations to add that festive touch. 

I used command strips to attach each basket to the wall as they leave no mark after use, and love changing up the decorations throughout the season. 

This space saving alternative is great for those with curious pets that love trees (I'm looking at you, cats), can be extremely cost effective and is easily customisable with different textures, lights and decorations - making it a statement piece to be proud of.

Basket-tree alternative christmas tree ideas from la basketry

Image credit: Rii Schroer for The Telegraph

Do you have an alternative to a Christmas tree in your home? Here's some inspiration for other incredible options, too:

A bookworm's Christmas tree


How clever is this?! Perfect for book lovers with more titles than space in their home. Plus, it's great way to show off your favourite reads.

Twig Christmas tree wall hanging decoration 

Ideal for small spaces, creating vertical tree maximises your floor space and gives you loads more room to work with. The possibilities with this are endless!

Colourful stamp art Christmas tree

Further away from traditional, this stamp art design is a clever way to add a pop of colour to your festive space. But why stop at stamps? Magazine cuttings, fabric scraps and paint could all make for an exciting addition to your wall.

Lego Christmas tree

Got little ones who love to build with Lego? Or just love it yourself? This would be a great way to spend an afternoon, building your very own tree. You could even use smaller coloured bricks to add baubles, too.

Palette wood Christmas tree


For the DIY pros out there, this palette wood tree makes a striking, modern centrepiece to add to your room, and it's thin design makes it ideal for smaller spaces. 

 Tools at the ready for this one.

Which is your favourite? Come and tell me on Instagram!