5 Tips on Embracing A Joyful Summer

We asked The Joyful Coach, Sophie Cliff, coach, positive psychology practitioner, podcast host and friend of La Basketry, to share 5 tips on how we can all embrace a little more joy over the summer months…

Get intentional about what you want summer to be all about

It sounds simple, but a big part of inviting joy into our lives is getting clear on what would bring us joy! A great way to keep that front and centre in your mind is to set an intention for the season ahead. What do you want this to be the summer of? Adventure? Love? Rest? Nature? Fun? Getting clear on this will help you to take action in line with your intention.

Write a summer joy bucket list

Summer seems to pass us by more quickly than any other season, and often we can reach autumn feeling regretful about not seizing it. To avoid that, write a list of all the joyful things you’d love to do this summer. Remember to include small things too - getting an ice cream at lunch, eating dinner in the garden and making a summer playlist can all make you feel like you’re embracing the season!

Summer picnic with oranges in a woven basket bag

Get grateful

Research tells us that the number 1 predictor of joy is gratitude, so spend some time thinking about all the things you’re feeling grateful for this summer. What are the parts of the season you love the most? What are you really enjoying right now? Making a list and practicing gratitude for these things will help you to enjoy them even more.

Connect with others

Another important ingredient for a joyful life is connection, and there’s never a better time to connect with your loved ones than summer! Planning a family picnic, heading out for a hike with your bestie or catching up with an old pal over a cold drink will all add an extra sprinkle of joy to the sunny season.

Remember that joy looks different for all of us

We all know that comparison is the thief of joy, but that doesn’t stop us keeping an eye on what everyone else is up to, does it? This can be a surefire route to misery when it looks like everyone is having more fun than you, but the most important thing to remember is that joy looks different to all of us! So long as you’re prioritising the things that are most important to you, that’s all that matters.

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