5 Inspiring Podcasts to Elevate Your Crafting Experience


La Basketry shares 5 craft podcasts to listen while crafting

Whether you're into knitting, painting, sewing or basket-weaving adding a podcast to your creative routine can enhance the experience. Podcasts provide a unique opportunity to learn, be inspired, and stay engaged while your hands are busy crafting away. Here are five captivating podcasts that are perfect companions for your crafting sessions...

5 podcasts to listent to while crafting Crafty Ass Female

1. Crafty Ass Female

For those seeking inspiration and empowerment while crafting, the "Crafty Ass Female" podcast is an excellent choice. Hosted by Kristin Tweedale, this podcast delves into the world of crafting, creativity, and productivity. Through candid conversations with various creative women, the podcast explores topics like artistic journeys, creative struggles, and the importance of self-expression. The insights shared in each episode will not only stimulate your creative juices but also remind you of the incredible power of crafting as a form of self-care and personal growth.
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2. While She Naps

If your crafting ventures extend to sewing, quilting, or plush toy making, "While She Naps" is a podcast tailored to your interests. Hosted by Abby Glassenberg, this podcast covers a wide range of topics related to the world of soft crafts. Abby interviews designers, makers, and industry professionals, providing listeners with valuable insights into the business side of crafting. From discussing creative processes to sharing tips on running a successful craft business, "While She Naps" is a treasure trove of knowledge for both hobbyists and aspiring craft entrepreneurs.
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La Basketry shares 5 craft podcasts to listen to The New Craft House podcast for sewing enthusiasts

3. The New Craft House Podcast

At La Basketry HQ, we're big fans of Hannah and Rosie, the duo behind The New Craft House and their weekly podcast is such a delight to listen to. Tune in for engaging interviews with esteemed sewing enterprises, insightful conversations on all things related to sewing, and invigorating guest episodes featuring inspiring makers
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La Basketry recommends craft podcast Mimi

4. Mimi 

A safe space for creativity - The Mimi Podcast brings you fun, exciting, enlightening conversations with modern artists, makers, illustrators, designers and more. Hosted by designer Melanie Johnsson, Mimi is an inspiring podcast sure to bring you joy, comfort and inspiration to follow your wildest creative dreams. 
And don’t miss Episode 16 featuring our very own founder, Tabara N’Diaye! 
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5. Toast 

TOAST, the clothing and lifestyle brand dedicated to a slower, more thoughtful way of life has a podcast and it is a captivating listen. Listen as writer Laura Barton journey throughout the UK, recording conversations with authors, artists in their studios, actors and philosophers.
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