5 Craft Books Bringing Joy To Our Bookshelves

Woman painting with watercolours

With joy being the focus here at La Basketry this July, we wanted to share just some of the craft books that are injecting a little happiness into our bookshelves.

It’s fair to say that getting crafty is one of our biggest sources of joy here at LB HQ, even leading us to launch The Craft Book Club over on Instagram alongside fellow crafter and author, Nerissa Pratt.

With a pile of craft books close to toppling over, we thought why not just add five more to the mix and explore more ways to get creative this summer. Starting with…

Sustainable Play

Sustainable Play by Sydney Piercey

Packed with over 60 creative, accessible and plastic-free projects and play ideas, Sustainable Play focuses on crafts and games to enjoy with your children on slow days at home. Piercey provides the reader with budget-friendly, easy-to-follow ideas to play and create in this handbook, inspired by her family's love of the simple things. Expect step-by-step projects to create magical toys from leftover cereal boxes to joy-filled games using everyday objects from around your home. Buy Sustainable Play here.

Watercolour Life

Watercolour Life by Emma Block

With 40 joy-filled lessons on using watercolours, artist and author Emma Block focuses on techniques, materials, building creative confidence, and discovering your unique style of painting. In this book you’ll be shown how to paint everything from people, plants, and animals, through to patterns and washes for stationery and housewares. Lessons include tips for finding creative inspiration in your everyday life and colour theory 101 to help you confidently create artwork on your own. Buy Watercolour Life here.

Conscious Crafts: Knitting

Conscious Crafts: Knitting by Sicgmone Kludje and Vanessa Koranteng

Created by the co-founders of the Black Girl Knit Club, Sicgmone Kludje and Vanessa Koranteng, Conscious Crafts: Knitting brings together 20 modern makes from plant pot cosies to throws, snoods and more. Don’t fear if you’re a knitting newbie; this book introduces the basics of knitting, covering fundamental stitches and techniques such as casting on, knit, pearl and moss stitch - all the while enjoying the meditative and mindful benefits of this craft. Buy Conscious Crafts: Knitting here.

You Will Be Able To Sew Your Own Clothes By The End Of This Book

You Will Be Able To Sew Your Own Clothes By The End Of This Book by Juliet Uzor 

This book really does do what it says on the tin, as author Juliet Uzor guides readers through core skills such as how to make accurate measurements, how to use a sewing machine, and how to follow a pattern. Once you've aced the essentials, move on to 15 stylish and straightforward projects (all patterns provided). There really is no better time than now to learn to sew your own clothes. Buy You Will Be Able To Sew Your Own Clothes By The End Of This Book here.

Sisters Gonna Stitch

Sisters Gonna Stitch: A Feminist Embroidery Guide by Cotton Clara

There’s nothing we love more than sharing a message through the power of craft, and Cotton Clara’s new book, Sisters Gonna Stitch: A Feminist Embroidery Guide, does just that. A playful collection of funny, sassy, uplifting embroidery patterns for the modern-day stitcher, this book includes 50 designs, as well as hints and tips from the team over at Cotton Clara. Expect empowering and inspiring messages such as CATS AGAINST CATCALLS, TAKE UP SPACE, and ANOTHER DAY TO SLAY. Buy Sisters Gonna Stitch here.

If you fancy turning your hand to basket weaving this summer, don’t forget you can also purchase Baskets by our founder Tabara N’Diaye, here. Happy reading...