Woven Vase (Seconds)

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Seconds Woven Vase 
Minor imperfections such as: 
- Products use for photoshoots or event displays 
- Slightly scuffed edges
- Bent corners or wrong name signed for books 
- Returned and opened packaging for craft kits but all materials still included
- Discontinued products 
- Reversed colours or patterns for fans and storage bowls
Most all faults are hardly even noticeable and all products are still in great condition!

Bring nature into your home with this beautiful woven Vase.

Handwoven in Senegal with dried grasses and coloured strings, this hourglass-shaped vase has a pop of colour through its weave, so you can match your storage to your space.

Designed with versatility in mind, it's also a great fit for utensils in the kitchen or for stationery in the office!

Colours: Black with a shallower opening 

Dimensions: 16cm x 16cm 

la basketry handwoven vase in white and black weave filled with purple flowers, on a bar trolley with cocktail making kit and lemons

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