Storage Baskets: The 5 Best For Your Bedroom


Basket Detail Woven Bedroom

Considering the amount of time we’ve all spent at home over the past few months, living in an organised and calming space has never been more important. 

And as someone who has carved her whole career around the beauty of baskets, collaborating with female artisans in my native Senegal to create the most stylish yet practical collection, I could not encourage you more to incorporate them into your home sweet home.

Today, I’ve rounded up my 5 favourite baskets for turning your bedroom into a sanctuary to lay your head on an evening. 

Perfect for extra blankets or towels, the large diamond has just enough colour to brighten up a room and because of its flat lid, can double up as a nightstand - perfect for an alarm clock or your book du jour 

Finally, a laundry basket you’ll be happy to have on display. Just like all La Basketry’s products, the Prism is made from a local Senegalese grass and coloured strings. It is sturdy, durable and pretty damn pretty! 
Available in Turquoise and Orange 

Did you know that plants can help us fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper? If you are already a plant aficionado, update your plant pot collective with the Small Diamond for a touch of individuality 



It’s named after ‘Stars’ in French, the Medium Etoile is best on display on a chest of drawers for all those bits and bobs you usually have around 


5. Storage Bowl 

Ideal on a bedside table, our storage bowls are perfect for jewellery, beauty essentials or a pair of glasses
Available in a variety of colour combinations

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